Hello guyssss! I know it’s been a while since I last posted and I am so sorry for the unannounced hiatus (for the nth time). Life has been crazy and as I’ve said in my latest Instagram post, I’ve been feeling out of it lately. I’m just a bit overwhelmed with everything that’s happening but I’m kicking my butt now so I can work on my backlogs. Thank you so much for your patience!

I’m in Manila since the 2nd of March (still here) but really itching to go back to Hong Kong to see the boyfriend. Missing him too much already! While I was there last month, we had a great time at the Dragonland Music Festival and even got to see Apl.de.ap during their after party. My fan-girl moment was captured by the official photographer, thanks to our friend Lisa for sending the link to us. Haha!

In between the drunken nights and curing a hangover mornings, I was doing a lot of unpacking and sorting the new place (#girlfriendduties). Sucks though that I couldn’t be at the housewarming party because I had to fly back already 🙁

The day before my flight though, I had a chance to do a shoot around Central and Lan Kwai Fong with Miles Sible. Thanks so much to Brickhouse team for letting me use their restroom to change clothes even though they were still closed. Thought of going to my boyfriend’s office actually but it was office hours and I got ~shy~.

My life meme
credits to the owner

Hands up if you can relate to this meme because I have both my hands up! Haha. Honestly though, I love the rush that all these is giving me.

Anyway, back in Manila (in bullet form so it will be a lot easier to read):

  • Attended a blogger’s event over at Cabalen Megamall (blog giveaway coming up soon!)
  • Hustling like I’ve never done before
  • Went out with a couple of friends from the US and Canada who’s in Manila for just a couple of days. Partying in Manila though made me realize that I am over EDM 🙁 I don’t enjoy Valkyrie as much as before and prefer chilling out at the Pool Club.
  • Meetings
  • Checking out curtains to bring back to Hong Kong
  • Family day. Brought dad and my niece out for a nice buffet lunch at Cabalen and splurged a bit (RIP credit card)
  • Massage – this is something that I really miss when I’m traveling. It’s so expensive, especially in HK!
  • Tried a healthy meal delivery (Monday to Friday) which I will have the post up soon.
  • Watched a musical (Wicked) with my bestfriend’s family. Last time I’ve seen one was like ages ago.
  • Saw Beauty and the Beast and was in so much awe! The production, cast, everything was so good!

I’ve been procrastinating when it comes to a couple of social media posts, blog posts (reviews etc), bullet journaling and tracking my expenses. I need to re-watch motivational videos on YouTube, because that’s how I lift my spirits up (lame, I know…).

In other news, I’m really looking forward to some big changes in my life (no, I am not talking about plastic surgery). Fingers and toes crossed that everything will *finally* go accordingly!

How about you, what the best thing that happened to you this March?