Ever since I had a Kobo eReader, I haven’t had a time to pick up a physical book. So when Don Soriano asked for bloggers who are interested to do a Break Free book review, I was very keen. I don’t him personally but his story is interesting (also because the book promises a 1 hour read haha).

Don Soriano's book Break Free

What I noticed with a lot of people, young and old, is that more and more are becoming financially literate, wanting to control their own earnings.

I mean thats what we all want right? We control our money so we can choose the kind of lifestyle we want to live. I’m not the best in money management but I am not in debt (banks, credit card, etc). However, if you tell me that I can improve this aspect and become more “richer”, I am all ears (except for the “open minded ka ba?” kind of thing).

I’ve left the corporate world more than 2 years ago to travel full time, not knowing what to do. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t quit my job because I hated my bosses. My immediate bosses were amazing and up until today I still look up to them. They made me who I am now and I learned so much from them. (I was an English Coach Apprentice in a BPO company in the Philippines)

If your life goal though is to leave your job or whatever it is that you are doing because you’re tired of the typical 9-5. Then Don Soriano’s book, Break Free: 8 Principles to Get from Employee to Employer in 3 Years or Less, is the perfect nudge that you need.

Don Soriano talks about his personal experiences from being bankrupt to finally be able to break free from his debt. A lot of books shares stories on what to to do to be a successful enterpreanour but this one is different because it also tackles on the things you should not do too.

At the beginning of the book, I was very curious about him. With zero background about his life, he caught my attention when he started talking about buying luxury items, a sports car and living an expensive lifestyle while he reiterates that he isn’t from a rich family. So I was curious and I asked him how he could afford all those things and he candidly responded,  “from taking out loans and joining a MLM”. But as you all can tell, it didn’t end happily, as he was in so much debt and couldn’t swim past all of it.

So how did he surpass that half a million pesos debt? Its up to you guys to find out by grabbing a copy of his book 🙂

What you can learn from Break Free: 8 Principles to Get from Employee to Employer in 3 Years or Less are the following:

  • How to work and manage your active income
  • How to find the right environment for you
  • Work on yourself
  • What passive income really is
  • And more!

Bear in mind that what may have worked for him, may not apply to you but hey, for a 1 hour read of an educational and inspiring book, you aren’t losing so much, right? He wrote the book for people not to pity him because he was bankrupt but for us to learn how he thrived and became a successful entrepreneur and a financially free individual.


To know more about Don Soriano and to order his book, you can contact him via Facebook.