Everybody deserves a vacation every now and then. Nowadays, we are all leading a hectic life and there is almost no time to take a break and just relax. Some people enjoy a weekend by going out of town, hiking mountains or swimming. But if we’re talking about vacation, a significant time off spent at a different location, then we should start thinking about making an investment in a vacation home. Finding an ideal vacation home can be tricky and expensive especially if it’s out of the country. There are laws and regulations to follow and additional paperwork for a foreigner to take care of.

However, this should not keep the vacation home of your dreams, wherever that may be. Here are five tips for choosing a vacation home:

1. Find One that Fits Your Lifestyle

Do you prefer to live somewhere uphill where you can hike or cycle every day? Or do you want to leave near the beach so you can wake up with the sound of the waves in the morning? Choosing a house just because it looks great is not enough. You should choose a vacation home that is perfect for the way you want to spend your time. This will make your investment worthwhile as you will find yourself always wanting to use the house.

2. Choose the Perfect Location

Have you ever felt so at home when you travel to a new place? Some people experience this visiting the buzzing cities of New York or London while others find solitude in the provinces of Japan and Tibet. Some people can’t help but enjoy their stay at Mykonos Estates with the turquoise waters at their feet. Before picking a vacation home, you must find the perfect location first. It is the place where you are always excited to go not only for the scenery but because it energizes you and make you feel alive again.

3. Rent Before You Buy

Renting the place for a couple of months will give you enough time to really get a sense of the house. It should be comfortable as if you’ve been living there all your life. You can also scope out the neighborhood and find good restaurants, cafes and other places to hang out and explore. Who knows? You can even make some friends along the way. Renting a vacation house will also save you a lot of time and money in case it doesn’t work out or you find some problem with it. If possible, rent a few places at different seasons so you can compare the price, weather, proximity to great spots, the people and the overall vibe.

4. Check Out More than One Place

Real estate agents have a knack for giving amazing presentations of properties they sell. However, aesthetics should not be the sole reason for buying If possible for purchasing a vacation home. If possible, check out a few places at different seasons so you can compare the price, weather, proximity to great spots, the people and the overall vibe.

5. Determine if the Place has a Good Rental Value

You must be realistic about how you much time you are going to spend in your vacation home. If you are halfway across the world most of the time and only have two months to spend on vacation, might as well grab the opportunity to rent the place. Therefore, when choosing a vacation home, you need to consult a local rental agency so you can also make money off your investment.