How to tell based on the way he texts you

Since almost the whole world is on some sort of lockdown or quarantine, a couple of dating apps have reported an influx of users (looking for Mr. Right in the midst of COVID-19, I guess). Plus, Tinder Passport is now free for all users meaning you can swipe in all countries you want.

But let’s not get too excited and think that the guy that we’re texting is finally The OneTrust me, I’ve had a few that I thought would be the reason to change my relationship status but turns out they’re just here for a good time not for a long time.

I’ve learned my lessons and I would like to share some of the signs that would help to know what their true intentions are.

Note: I’ve consulted with guy friends to avoid being bias.

Here are the 6 signs that I always watch out for:

1. Text only at late hours

or only on days when he is in the office. Never in the morning or the usual time a normal person would text, also never on weekends. The reason for this is that, they might actually have someone or a partner that they live with. Either that, or they aren’t really interested or care about you getting your proper sleep (never prioritize a guy over your health!) Let’s also add here that he takes ages to reply. ‘Nuff said.

2. Calls you babe right off the bat

Overconfident. Cocky. Player. Definitely chatting you up only for the game.

3. Doesn't get very personal

Okay. I’m not saying that the guy should go straight and dig into your past, present and future as soon as he texts you “Hi!”. We are talking about slowly getting to know you and asking you about questions that matter, not just “WYD”, What are you eating, etc. Let’s not forget when everytime you will ask him personal questions, he would dodge them or give you very short answers. (red flag!)

Same goes if the guy is oversharing and never asks about you. Girl, run if this is the case.

4. Doesn't have any past long relationships

So you guys are getting to know each other, which is great. Of course you would ask why he is single now, how many girlfriends he had and for how long. And then you notice, all his relationships only lasted months…

This is an obvious sign that he cannot get into a serious longterm relationship. Either he had some issues before or still has some that he’s dealing with now – whatever it is, you are not going to be involved in that. You aren’t looking for a charity case, woman. You deserve better.

5. Talks badly about previous relationships

And then he tells you the reason of all his failed relationships:

  • She lied to me
  • She cheated on me
  • She’s a psycho
  • basically anything that puts the blame on his ex

A guy who would do this are usually the ones who are actually at fault but would never admit (ever heard of a man’s ego? yup.) or he isn’t over his ex yet hence he is not ready to commit.

Bottomline is, he is not your prince charming.

6. Asks for noods​

And no, we aren’t talking about noodles. I guess the biggest sign is when the guy tries to escalate conversation to sex really early on, you already know what his true intentions are.

If he sends you unsolicited dickpics as soon as he can (when you switch to WhatsApp or whatever you use), this clearly shows what he wants from you. Do you really think this is someone who genuinely wants to be your boyfriend?

Just want to be clear, not all guys on dating apps are trash. I’m sure there are real men out there who are looking to settle down but let’s admit it, there are more who just wants to play and not get attached. Be careful, ladies and I hope this post helps you find your perfect match that would be with you for the long time (and just with you, let’s put an emphasis on that – unless monogamy isn’t your thing haha I guess that’s for another post!).

I’m sure there are more signs to watch out for but these are my top 6. I would love to know what yours are, send me a DM on Instagram @chelinumerable and let’s chat ♥