This week is full of meh. Well, this month is not that good to me, really. I just hope September will make everything better. Few more days, Chel!

rachelle inumerable
I was feeling so down and then I saw this on my Facebook newsfeed. Thank you Universe, this is just exactly what I need to keep going.

Fancy a little update in bullets, perhaps?

  • My Facebook page got a makeover. The cover photo and blog badge were made by Renee Hu of Please check out her Etsy Shop!
  • Saw one of my bestfriends for a quick catch up, it has been almost 3 months since I last saw her. Wish we were complete though.
  • I’m so happy we finally have Ladurée in Manila!
  • I’m feeling a bit stuck and helpless for some reason. I need to travel soon!
  • Missing someone so bad 🙁
  • Reviving my Tumblr and Pinterest accounts for the nth time.
  • I miss running and joining events, I was checking which marathons I can register for before this year ends. I kinda am looking at the Standard Chartered one in Singapore.
  • Fingers crossed I get to enroll for a TEFL course next month.
  • Obsessed with Selena Gomez’ Good for You.
  • I need to finish a couple more articles before this month ends. I got two more days!
  • LOL at this Iglesia ni Cristo protest, they don’t even know what the Separation of Church and State means.

Tell me about your week, or we can just talk about the INC protest. Leave a comment below, I would love to know what you think.