If not making pancakes and bacons for the boyfriend and I or waking up early to go to the pier to make it to a 10am junk (Read: Photoblog: Weekends in Hong Kong), we either catch up on Casey Neistat vlogs or go to the beach if the weather is perfect.

Luckily, that was the case couple of weekends ago, a beautiful sunny weather! So we decided to have a day trip to Long Ke Wan beach. We left Mong Kok to go to Sai Kung and once we got there, we went to Wellcome to buy bread, cheese, hummus, salami, ham, wine and water to have a small picnic. When we had everything we needed, we took a taxi to Long Ke Wan. The taxi didn’t drop us off in front of the beach, we had to walk (aka hike) but it wasn’t really that bad as the view was beautiful.

Long ke wan beach hike

It was a gorgeous day so we weren’t surprised to see the beach packed, some were even setting up their camping tents to spend the night there (Greg and I agreed that we should do that next time, too).

Day Trip to Long Ke Wan Beach

Long Ke Wan beach has the finest sand that I have ever seen in Hong Kong. If you are visiting, I definitely recommend that you go to this beach before the summer ends (October is the start of Winter). You’d need to allot a day though as it is quite far, but it’s worth it!

Picnic in Long Ke Wan Beach Sai Kung

We found a nice spot under the trees to settle in. Laid down the beach roundie and took out the food. Yay picnic!

Gregoire Tavernier

It was a beautiful day to take Instagram photos too. My boyfriend is learning quickly, so proud of him ❤

We left around 9PM and some of the campers were already setting up bonfires and prepping their dinner. We weren’t really looking forward to the hike back but hey, we had a lovely time by the beach and that’s all that matters.

Here are some of the photos that Greg took of me. Just in case you are wondering, my bikini is from Khongboon Swimwear and I love it to bits because of its reversible design.

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How about you, how do you like to spend your weekends?